20 Clefts of Willow, 20 Bat Making stories to tell.

Bat Making Adventures

A quick Hello, or perhaps a short reintroduction. Either way this is the start of 20 blog posts for 20 Willow Clefts. I’m getting more and more questions from people who are interested in Bat Making, specifically the traditional shaping techniques. Whilst I would never profess to be the leading authority on the subject, I am willing to share what I know and I feel the best way is to continue doing it publicly.

Sometimes the process is easy and sometimes it’s tough, yet it’s always illuminating. I’ve just got back into Bat Making after a long time away and I’ve quickly realised I’d forgotten a lot. Loads of little things that make the process go smoothly are incredibly important to me, so hopefully others will benefit from these little ideas or techniques.

So one of the next posts will be the start of this short series. I will also endeavour to actually finish so many half completed posts, but no promises as I know what I’m like.