Another Round Bottom Plane into the tool box.

A while back a Japanese inspired Travisher was on the horizon, a body all marked out with so much potential. As it turned out it was a project that was more hassle that it was worth.

This is a far as it got. It works fine and takes a beautiful cut but I didn’t like it enough to finish it off. It needs a fair bit of tweaking before I finish and polish it.

So rather than making another travisher I decided to go back to the old favourite, a round bottom plane. Well… when I say round bottom what I really mean is very slightly and it’s a mini at only 4.5 inches long. Once again it needs some final tweaking and I’ve noticed the shaving exit is a little tight so that’ll be widened. Black Walnut sides, a Beech body and a wedge made from a mystery wood, perhaps Cherry?

It’s surprisingly comfortable to use in one hand and is easy to control.

There’s 3 other blades unused and I’d rather they made 3 planes than 3 travishers if they all turn out like this one.