Don’t trust a simple question.

The old saying that “there’s safety in numbers” sprung to mind when I read a post by Helen from The English Woodworker. Within the last couple of paragraphs and the comments were the elements that began to get the cogs turning again.

A while back I was asked to write an article based roughly around the question “Why do we make bats?” It never made it past notes and the intro as I argued myself in circles, failing to understanding my own viewpoint. It took a fair amount of reflection, reading and rereading before I knew that I’d paid enough respect to each side of the argument before forming my own opinion. Also knowing there were similar opinions out there helped move this to front of the queue.
Since attempting to answer this question has sent me off in many different directions and numerous saved drafts. The only sensible way to attack it is in a series of smaller articles that touch on the points I’ve considered over the past few months.
So watch out for the first part coming up soon…