Julian Millichamp’s bringing back Pod Shaving!

Keep the heritage of a bat making alive with Julian Millichamp

A few months ago, Julian Millichamp opened a new website that got me very excited, it was exactly what the Art of Pod Shaving has needed and it wasn’t another brand. Julian is attempting to showcase and preserve Pod Shaving by creating an academy to pass on to a new generation the skills he’s accumulated over decades of hand crafting cricket bats.

To get the “Julian Millichamp Cricket Bat Making Academy” off the ground, he’s asking the cricket community behind him with a Kickstarter Project to raise funds and help keep the craft going. The pledges towards this project can secure you anything from a “warm, fuzzy feeling” to an opportunity to learn from one of the best.

There’ll be a little bit more coming on this project, but until then please share it with your cricketing friends and give this academy a chance of becoming a reality.