In Pod We Trust

In Pod We Trust – What it means.

You may have seen us Tweet “#InPodWeTrust”. This was initially our way of illustrating we are crafting our bats with traditional methods, shaping them by hand and having respect for the history of bat making whilst adding something different and unique. Pod Shaving has a rich heritage in Britain and White Willow Cricket hopes to in some small way highlight this craft.

It has since come to represent more after people have enquired about it and questioned what we stand for. We are proud to shape by hand and take an active role in the craftsmanship that goes into each cricket bat. In other words we make every White Willow Cricket Bat. We don’t buy in pre-shaped cricket bats and re-label them as our own. Our cricket bats are Handcrafted – made with skill by hand, the use of that word is an accurate and honest description of what we do.

We feel being honest about how it was made, who made it and where it was made is important. Offering total transparency enables the consumer to make an educated choice of what they support. In doing this we are giving people the option of supporting Pod Shaving and helping to keep a traditional craft alive.

We had a limited run of White Willow badges produced as a way for people to show they care about and wish to support Pod Shaving, that they value the craftsmanship involved and that knowing the source of their cricket bat is important. Get in touch if you’re interested in having a badge to pin to your cap, shirt or bag.

In Pod We Trust