Did you see this coming? edges – they’re so last year


Edge size isn’t all it was cracked up to be.

I’m calling it right now. Mark the date and time…

The “Big Edge” Bubble is set to burst. The law of diminishing returns is up and running and has taken effect about 10-15mm ago, in my opinion.

“30mm edges!” I heard them say.

“40mm edges!!” Bowlers, gird your loins.

“45mm edges!!!” “Heresy, not possible” the groundsman declared.

I’ve certainly observed less and less of this one-upmanship that was going on 12 to 18 months ago. That’s not to say that “edge size” isn’t still seen as some way of quantifying the cricket bat’s performance, as I wrote about in this blog post on Wielding White Willow. It’s just that it appears less focus is being afforded to edge size and we’ll probably be seeing this in the 2014 offerings.

We’ve seen the “Retro” bat become part of many companies ranges over the last few years and these have mostly been reinvention rather than reissue. However this look back by manufacturers has in turn influenced the consumer to look back at their bats of the past. And you know what… I think they like what they see.

Not only is nostalgia a powerful thing, but the importance of edge size is quickly undermined when we see our old classic bat with which we plundered runs. This isn’t to say big edges haven’t had their benefits, as it’s given us a world of new shapes and changed the way bat makers look at a cleft of willow. The questions now are…

Are we seeing the end of one trend and the beginning of a new one? and more importantly, What is it?