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Stretton Fox visits

Just before Christmas I made a visit to Stretton Fox, the manufacturers of some incredible protection gear. There’s little I can say that their “mallet test” video doesn’t already convey. You’ll never bruise like a Peach again!

I was certainly intrigued to find out more about their equipment and George Fox was interested in my cricket bats. It’s great meeting people who have expertise and knowledge in other areas of manufacturing or craftsmanship, there’s always an opportunity to learn something about new materials and see how that relates to what you do.

Whilst Stretton Fox cannot divulge their construction details, they were able to explain how injuries happen and the type of damage batsman and fielders incur. It’s good to see that the equipment clearly has a lot of thought behind it and has design based in evidence (something I’ll be touching on at some point soon).

During this visit, I had some custom fit thigh pads and George picked from a few bats I’d brought with me. He appeared suitably pleased with his choice.

stretton fox

A few weeks into the New Year, George made the trip to my workshop to chat about cricket bats and what’s planned for 2014. I can safely say that what Stretton Fox have tucked up their sleeve is exciting, you may have even seen a sneak preview on Twitter.

cricket bat stretton fox

You may have also seen on our Twitter account a sneak preview of the latest bat to leave the workshop. This was another bat for George that was the evolution of an idea I toyed with on a previous bat that I made a couple of years ago. This bat will have a post of its own as there are numerous things to discuss, the shape alone is something unique. Though for now, George is acting as the Guinea Pig.

Poised to Push it to the Pinnacle of its Peformance and Present a Plenary Picture of the Pros and P… ¬†err… PCons (silent “P”).