Nottinghamshire Cricket Review Show

A morning visit to a local bat maker turned into a debut radio appearance for White Willow Cricket on the Nottinghamshire Cricket Review Show broadcast by Mansfield Radio 103.2.

Listen to tonights show between 6-8 to hear me ramble on about the cricket blog and bat making. The Nottinghamshire Cricket Review show is a wonderful roundup of the local clubs results from the previous weekend and a look forward to next weekends fixtures. Tony Delahunty, Alan Rowley of “The Follow On”¬†and Charlie French add a fantastic blend of local club and player knowledge to entertain the cricket community.

A full write up of the experience on the radio and with Charlie French will be available on Wielding White Willow shortly. I’ve just got to add the finishing touches to the Mitre Plane I’ve been making.

Mitre Plane

Some small things to adjust before we glue this together.