Wooden Hand Planes side

Wooden Hand Planes are here!

Anyone who follows White Willow on Instagram¬†will have already seen the bits of progress on the new hand planes. The first one to be released is the Smoothing Plane. Diminutive in size, yet designed with a rear to fill the back hand for authority through the stroke and a front bun that doesn’t feel like an after thought.

I won’t bother you with detailing every design choice as there were quite a few, and whilst some were aesthetic most of them were for performance and ease of use. What’s really important is what it does to your work.

As with any wooden hand plane, the surface it leaves behind is crucial to judging the performance of a tool. Whilst I try not to get carried away with the thickness (or thinness!) of the resultant shaving, it’s often a great way of understanding what’s happening under the the body.